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May 27th, 2002

 Let me start off by saying, ”Welcome to my webpage!" I’m extremely pleased to be here, and a HUGE thank you goes out to a great webmaster, Johann Swart, for creating this site for me.

There's not a lot to report as of late; Stark Raving Mad is currently resuming a rehearsal schedule to work on new material and a new promotional photo for marketing. After a few weeks off since our Ash St. gig, it will be fun to jam again, but the time off has given me time to do a little self-practice on my drums.

 Speaking of my drums, I recently cut down what was referred to as the “Monster set” to an easier-to-transport 5 piece set. This set consists of my Mapex U.S. maple custom 22 in. kick, 12, 16, 18 toms, my Ludwig, and Slingerland snares, and my barrage of cymbals and hardware.

 It’s a tentative date, but September 15th, Neil Peart and Rush are coming to the Rose Garden, and if it happens, I will be there!