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August 30th  2002

 KUFO Cream of the Crop / Battle of the Bands

What a wild time lately!  Stark Raving Mad recently performed for the KUFO Cream of the Crop/Battle of the Bands competition, performing at the Tonic, Prairie Tavern, and Conan's, winning every night up until the finals, where a Vancouver, WA band called "737" got the nod.  With all due respect, I believe they were picked for their new-metal style, although they were good.  Congratulations to them!

Next up for me is the Guitar Center Drum-Off starting September 17th.  I've yet to learn of my performance time, but I will post it when I find out.

On an unrelated note, I got my first tattoo August 6th at the hands of Painless Rick's.  He did an excellent job on my right shoulder, and I'm looking forward to returning soon to get one on my left shoulder!