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Over his many years in rock n roll, Jeff has dominated percussion for many bands, taking him from coast to coast and all over Europe.  He has played drums for bands of all types of music. Following is a chronological history, where you can follow Jeff's career from the fledgling beginnings, through his current endeavors in the Pacific Northwest.

Date Band Name Base City band
1983-1985 Affair Minneapolis, MN My first road band,1983 in Rapid city,S.D. Affair band
Summer 1985 Dillenger St. Paul, MN Dillenger at the Barn in Alexandria,Mn.summer of 1985
Fall 1985-Spring 1986 Kidd Blitz Toured Iceland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Canada, and the U.S. Kidd Blitz
FALL 1986 WITCH HUNTER MINNEAPOLIS, MN jeff24big.jpg (61646 bytes)
Fall 1986-Spring 1987 Street Fargo, ND
Summer 1987 Dazzler Minneapolis, MN jeff30big.jpg (27882 bytes)
Fall 1987-Spring 1988 Sister Max Toured the East Coast
Summer 1988 Mad Hatter St. Cloud, MN
Spring 1989-Jan. 1991 False Witness Lincoln, NE False Witness band 1990
Jan. 1991-Fall 1991 Extra/Extra Denver, CO Extra/Extra in Grand Junction,Co. July of 1991
Jan. 1992-Fall 1992 Heavyweights Denver, CO
FALL/WINTER 1992-1993 RIPPENSTEIN DENVER, CO Rippenstein (Denver,Co. 1992)
Winter 1993-Fall 1995 Mother Tung Lincoln, NE jeff29big.jpg (32124 bytes)
1994 Nations LOS ANGELES, CA
1994 Truth Nashville, TN jeff31big.jpg (22869 bytes)
Spring 1996-Spring 1997 Dancer SEATTLE, WA
Fall 1997 Ruckus Portland, OR
Spring 1998 wATER Portland, OR
Summer 1998-Summer 2000 Severity Vancouver, WA
Summer 2000 Bangin' Moon PORTLAND, OR
Spring 2001- March 2003 Stark Raving Mad Portland, OR jeff23big.jpg (36978 bytes)
FEBRUARY 2003 ECHOES Vancouver, WA