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Health & Leisure

There is so much more to Jeff Johnson than just the maniac you see behind the drum set.  Jeff is also a gentle family man who enjoys normal life activities just like you and me.  On this page, he'll share with you some of the activities that interest him the most.


Although by no means am I Hulk Hogan, I do enjoy exercise and weightlifting. I got into the weightlifting a few years ago after hurting my back, and feeling embarrassed about it. Itís definitely been a work in progress with a lot of hours and a lot of money spent on supplements.

I do change my routines frequently to avoid boredom,but my biggest challenge has just been consistency. I presently have an excellent routine down thatís been working well for me.

I currently use Creatine that I mix with white grape juice for transport, Thermadrene before my workout, and as much protein that I can get my hands on during the day. I also swear by Hydroxycut from Muscletech. I took off 15 pounds of fat with this outstanding product.


Besides weightlifting, Iíve always enjoyed bicycling. Iíve almost always taken a bike on tour with me, and have bicycled in Texas, New York, Pittsburg, Florida, and many, many other places, but one of my favorite experiences was bicycling up Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains in Northwest Washington. Four hours up, and 45 fast minutes down.  What a rush!


Iíve always loved traveling and seeing new sites.  Music has taken me to almost all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, and Scotland. Being brought up in Kentucky , Iíve been to places I never imagined Iíd go.

San Francisco, CA

Pittsburgh, PA

Reno, NV


Besides the travel, I do enjoy being at home, and believe it or not, yardwork!  I truly love yard maintainence, and housecleaning.   Crazy, but true.


I get a lot of flack for this one, but I enjoy Pro Wrestling. Itís been something Iíve followed since I was a kid. Iím intrigued by the behind-the-scenes action that takes place, and I also feel that itís taken up where 70ís/80ís flashy rock shows left off. Natural or not, these guys are in great shape, and that motivates me to exercise harder.