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Welcome to the Crusher's Lair!


2001 Guitar Center Drum-Off Stark Raving Mad at the Ash St. Saloon Rippenstein (Denver,Co. 1992) Beatrice,Ne. The Wall (False Witness band) Bangin moon band (Portland 2000)Randy Castillo (Ozzy,Crue) at Bangles in Denver (92) Mike Portnoy,myself,and two friends,Omaha,Ne.1995 False Witness band 1990 Myself and the great Tommy Aldridge 1991 Extra/Extra in Grand Junction,Co. July of 1991Mother Tung band at Radens in Auburn,Wa.1993 Mother Tung at The Royal Grove,Lincoln,Ne. 1993 In my room, where I started, my favorite bands are obvious. (Early 1980's) The great upside down trick at the Wall in Beatrice,Ne.1990 Extra/Extra at The Mirage in Minneapolis,Mn.1991False Witness at The Wall, Beatrice, Nebraska - 1990 My first road band,1983 in Rapid city,S.D. Affair band Dillenger at the Barn in Alexandria,Mn.summer of 1985 False Witness Kidd Blitz touring Canada 1986 Mother Tung Affair - Grand Forks, ND,  Stark Raving Mad - Portland, OR Stark Raving Mad - Portland, OR Extra/Extra - Denver, Colorado (1991) Echoes - 2003 Guitar Center Drum-off 2002 Echoes at the Tonic Echoes at the Tonic Echoes at the Tonic