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February 12, 2003

It's been a while since an update, and a lot is going on. I've left Ordinary Joe for many unmentionable reasons, but I'm very relieved to have that behind me. I wish Bernie the bassist the very best.
I'm working again with S.R.M. and in mid-March (14th & 15th) we'll be headed to L.A. to perform at a convention for record executives, and should prove very interesting. Greg Shadoan has been replaced by Dax Hale on bass. The S.R.M. website is still going at, but not updated.
I have another project starting up with what I've found to be the best all around vocalist I've come across in years. His name is Rob Harris, and the project will be called "American Standard".
 I recently had my cymbal bag taken from my garage in a matter of minutes. Moral of the story, "Never leave gear unattended"!  Thank God for homeowners insurance!


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